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Park "Seven stars"

Photos and description

The Park of the "Seven stars", also known as the Park's "Big dipper" is the largest in Guilin and is located on the East coast of Li river. The name of the attraction has received thanks to the seven hills located inside the Park. If you look at the hills from a high point, you can see an image that looks like the constellation Big dipper.

The Park was quite popular even during the reign of the sui and Tang dynasties, as evidenced by the number of buildings, erected by order of the emperors. One of them is the Flower bridge, so named due to the fact that spring and summer around the bridge is dissolved a large quantity of fragrant flowers. The beautiful landscape around the bridge attracts large number of tourists and locals.

The Central attraction of the Park, located on an area of 120 hectares, are considered as Putuo mountain, the temple built in accordance with traditional canons of Buddhism, the Seven Stars cave and Camel hill. Around mount Putuo is an old pavilion, and the tomb of generals and honorary graves of the heroes of China. After visiting these places, tourists are invited to climb to the top of the mountain and see Guilin with a bird's eye, which opens from the observation deck.

For children built in the Park zoo, which is home to various animals including a giant Panda. In the evening hours the area of "Seven stars" is illuminated by colorful lights, and on an improvised stage, we organize shows with the best artists of the city.