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Tower Jonghan

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Tower Cangyan is the pride of residents in Zhengzhou, as it is one of the world's tallest buildings, made in accordance with the modern trends of urban architecture. The height of the sights is 388 meters and the total area is 58, 000 square kilometers. On a unique project working team of specialists renowned in the field of erection of high-rise buildings. The basic concept of the building was designed by Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa, which proposed to build a tower on a volumetric basis, and inside to make not only a restaurant but also an extensive rotating observation deck.

The main frame is formed by several Jonghan long steel pipes, intertwined to the top. This approach made it possible to increase the length of the structure and to achieve the effect of airiness. The roof consists of six conical designs blue and gold colors, connecting special units, and on the top of the tower you can see the capstan, for transmitting television signals to a distance of more than 120 kilometers. Currently Changyan used as a television tower and provides a stream of local residents, but also plays a significant role in the architectural landscape of the city.

A visit to the tower is included in all tourism programmes Zhengzhou and includes a guided tour at each level of the building and walk around the observation deck, which offers stunning scenery. Optionally, you can visit the restaurant located on one of the floors, and serves authentic Chinese cuisine.