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Cathedral of Sisiku

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Cathedral of Sisiku along with the other Catholic churches at the present time is also the landmark of Beijing. Shishiku is located in the West of the Chinese capital, in the popular Xicheng district. Look at the example of Gothic architecture daily receives a large number of tourists. For Catholics the Church is primarily a place where you can come in contact with religion, since the Cathedral today is actively functioning. It periodically hosts service and highlights the main Catholic holidays.

The history of the Cathedral began in 1694, when the Kangxi Emperor was presented as a gift to the Jesuits a large plot of land on the shores of lake Zhongnanhai. It was a kind of reward for Catholic doctors healed him from a serious illness. Later on donated to the site began the construction of the temple. With this purpose we have invited the best masters of Europe.

In the late nineteenth century the local authorities decided on the transfer of the Church building in the Xicheng district, because the land near the lake was involved in the project for the construction of the Park. In 1900, due to the revolt ihetuanej Sisiku was badly damaged, however, thanks to the joint efforts of the Marines from Italy and France managed to defend most part of the Cathedral.

Today, the architecture of Sisiku surprising tourists with its ambiguity. On the one hand, the building is constructed in accordance with the principles of European classical architecture. On the other - obviously the influence of traditional Chinese architecture, as the Cathedral stands the two small pagodas, and the entrance is decorated with statues of lions.