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Museum of Hainan was originally created in 1984 and was in an old building, built according to all canons of traditional Chinese architecture. However, in 2008 the authorities in Haikou have decided to erect a new building, which today is not inferior to the equipment to other international museums of a high level. The result is a building characterized by external slim design and consisting of numerous halls and special venues for travelling exhibitions and excursions.

The main collection of the Museum is the richest collection of art objects from different periods. Among them: porcelain, precious metals, pearls, jade, ceramics, etc. Most of the Museum is the exhibition dedicated to the bronze figures found on the territory of Hainan island and is considered the classic example of the art. Near the bronze hall displays ancient scrolls, clothing, original jewelry, carved from bamboo root and bones, old clothes made of silk, weapons, horse harness, as well as paintings.

The special pride guide is a vast hall with a collection of sculptures from various periods, including the period from 2000 BC. Archaeological and cultural value of the sculpture was recognized by the world Museum community, which indicates the importance of the findings for the art world in General. The tour is built so that visitors can learn a lot of useful information about the features of the funeral rites on the island of Hainan, the rituals associated with sacrifices, and the role of each of the sculptures during the reign of the Ming and Qing dynasties.