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The Nanjing Museum

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In the small Chinese city of Nanjing, is an amazing Museum, which gathered within its walls masterpieces of Chinese art and many artifacts found on the territory of China in different periods. It is worth noting that the Museum was a major in China until 1950, and the building was built in 1933. The first Director Cai Yuanpei was a well-known state and public figure. Through his contacts he was able to create a unique collection of relics (419 thousand exhibits), Dating back more than 6,000 years.

Scrolls of ancient calligraphy, silver jewelry, pottery and jade, ancient weapons, a lot of archaeological finds from different centuries - all this can be seen in the vast halls of the Museum, covers an area of 70,000 square meters. Currently, the financing of the Museum is made entirely at the expense of the state. So, over the years, the Museum includes such important facilities as the Board of historiography, Museum of spiritual heritage, the Museum of art and national Museum.

The collection is periodically augmented with new exhibits, and the management seek to create optimal conditions for visitors. To do this, the surrounding area was a beautiful Park with a miniature gazebo, benches and pavilions. Anyone can enjoy the tranquility of these places after visiting the Museum. Most tourists are attracted by souvenir shops located in the lobby, as they can buy unique Souvenirs at very affordable prices.