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National Park "mount Qianshan"

Photos and description

Mountain Qianshan is located in the South-East of Anshan, on the border of North Korea and China. Occupies a total area is 72 sq. km Is one of the most popular and most visited national parks in China. In addition, at the state level, the reserve is included in the first group of key scenic landscapes of the country.

The ridge consists of several hundred mountains in springtime forested valley in the area filled with the aroma of blooming pear trees. In the summer, Qianshan area is surrounded by dense green forests (it is 95% of the landscape), the leaves of which in autumn becomes scarlet. In winter, the mountain range covered with snow.

Rich nature and picturesque landscapes allowed in 1960 to include the Qianshan the ten famous mountains of China, and in 1980 to the honorable status of the natural areas at the state level.

The first four charms of the national Park should be called cliffs, flowers, pears, hardy pines and unusual shapes of the peaks, the opening panorama of the mountains Qianshan (for example, the most famous - the top Five Buddhas and the peak Fabulous platform).

On the slopes of the mountain peaks today there are forty monasteries, it is in the Qianshan seek over a thousand Taoist priests and Buddhist monks annually. In the mountains is well preserved more than two dozen temples, such as the source of the Dragon, Joue, Da'an, Zhonghui, Sunyani. Impressive mountain and the statue of the Buddha Maitreya, which reaches a height of seventy meters.

Fully merit mountain range is the fact that the city of Anshan is rich in large deposits of jade. Within the city you can find over a hundred different products from this stone.