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Amusement Park Foreigners’ Street

Photos and description

Park Foreigners’ Street, known among the locals as Zhengzhou Century, is located in Shihua and covers an area of over 6,000 square meters. The Park concept is based on the idea of demonstrating to visitors the thematic zones, each of which represents a separate mini-country with elements of architecture and culture. The Park is equipped so that tourists can take a fascinating journey on the train stations. Among the most popular stations identify the following "Industrial London", "Holland", "rainforest", "Arab castle" and "Wild West".

All improvised countries, you can see the miniature sights and modern attractions, typically of European origin. In addition, in the Park quite a lot of flower arrangements, fountains, small ponds and gift shops. The Park management has taken the effort to ensure a safe and pleasant leisure visitors. To do this, in all parts of the Foreigners’ Street were installed fudgery offers to try traditional dishes of different countries.

The Park is one of the favorite places amongst travelers in Zhengzhou, because in this place you can not just go on different rides, but also to find out more information about world culture and traditions. In the evening the whole territory of the Foreigners’ Street is illuminated with colorful lights, and on the main stage are show programs attracting the best creative collectives of the city.