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The nursery of giant pandas

Photos and description

Chengdu is quite a small town by Chinese standards, but well known among tourists and the local population due to the unique Bepensa kennel, which bred and live giant pandas. This animal is the symbol of China, and is under the careful protection of the state, as the number of individuals of a few years ago, started to decline rapidly. For this reason, the government of Chengdu adopted a decision on the construction of the kennel together with the research center, which created the most natural living conditions of giant pandas.

The opening of the nursery occurred in 2003 and became a real event for the world environmental community, as to date it is the largest. Just Bifana is home to around 80 giant pandas, some of which will subsequently be released into the wild. An additional feature of the nursery is the development of a volunteer program aimed at caring for sick animals. So, in 2008, from the National Park Oolong tea were transported 30 pandas that were severely affected after the earthquake.

Bifana is 150 kilometers from Chengdu in a picturesque place with dense forests, artificial lakes and waterfalls. Visit the kennel will not only learn more about the life of the large pandas, but also to see other rare animals and birds. Optional you can feed the animals under supervision of Befense, after which tourists are offered a tour of the research center, Museum and purchase Souvenirs in the small shop.