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The folk Museum of Qingdao

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The folk Museum was established in Qingdao in 1996 and today is a center of development and preservation of cultural and historical traditions of Shandong province. In order to more accurately reflect national character of the leadership of the city decided to place this valuable collection in a historic building, Tianhou Palace, with a history spanning more than 500 years. This architectural solution is emphasized the concept of the Museum, based on the dissemination of knowledge about regional culture.

Total area of Museum is about 3,300 square meters, and the number of rare exhibits is constantly growing thanks to the efforts of the local authorities. Today the Museum is recognized as one of the main assets of China, which indicates the importance of the collections stored there. In the main hall visitors are invited to meet with such artifacts as household items of the period of culture sovani, the original articles of jade, pearls, gold, silver, unique models of weapons, national costumes, calligraphy and paintings in different periods of development of Shandong province.

Special attention deserves the exhibition dedicated to the port of the subject, showing all the stages of formation of the Navy, not only in Qingdao but also in all of China. The entire Museum consists of 29 sections with a variety of collections, which contain especially valuable exhibits. For tourists created optimal conditions that include spacious rooms, detailed signs explaining in English and Chinese languages, a handy map for orientation in the vast space etc.