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Underwater Museum Baikalian

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Landmark Baikalian (Baghalan), located in Chongqing, on the Yangtze river is the first underwater Museum, built in China and is of high scientific and historical value. The project was developed with the involvement of the best specialists in the field of erection of buildings of this kind. Thus, the total amount of investment in the creation of the Museum, was more than $ 27 million. The project was started in 2002 and was completed in 2009, after which Baikalian was opened to the public.

The core of the Museum is a massive natural stone, submerged, and called by locals, Baghalan. The width of the stone is about 15 meters and the length is 1600 meters. Cultural and historical significance of the stone was confirmed by the UNESCO, which are thoroughly researched, Baghalan and came to the conclusion that he is one of the oldest hydrographic stations, preserved since the reign of the Tang dynasty.

Visitors to the Museum down to the main hall, you can see the unique image engraved on the stone, which is a miniature figure of the Buddha, the Bodhisattva, the poems of ancient poets and samples of calligraphy. All parts of the Museum are connected to each other through transportation corridors, made of glass, which allows you to create special architectural effect. Also in the complex Baikalian includes a crane, underwater bearing and coastal pavilion, where you can buy Souvenirs marine theme at a reasonable cost.