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Xinglong tropical Botanical garden

Photos and description

Xinglong tropical Botanical garden is about an hour drive from Sanya city and located not far from the valley sources. The garden became a bright representative of the natural parks, which in China is given special attention. Watch them, study them, and try to save these places in the most original form.

Xinglong tropical Botanical garden was opened to tourists in 1957. Here grow plants in tropical climate, and all of them have a natural origin.

The garden area is 38 hectares. In the garden you can just walk and get acquainted with different species of tropical flora and fauna, of which there are more than a thousand. Besides walking in the garden you can enjoy a boat ride on spectacular lake and also enjoy local coffee and tea in a cozy cafe. For convenience, the garden is divided into five parts, each of which is used for specific purposes.

Xinglong tropical garden is not only a landmark, but also a place of research. It often organizes seminars and conferences, and bring together researchers and discuss research in the field of plant breeding.