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Tianjin zoo

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Tianjin zoo is located in the South of Tianjin city and is part of a larger complex including a water Park. The zoo has a long history since construction began in 1975, and in 1980 the first visitors were able to appreciate the magnitude of this project. For such a long period of time at the zoo has seen many changes. However, the leadership managed to keep a large space (54 hectare), as well as to fill the zoo with different kinds of fauna from around the world.

Before entering the zoo, tourists are given a colorful map in Chinese and English, which allows you to navigate freely and easily move from one zone to another on foot or by small train. The zoo is divided thematically into several parts: "Tiger's lair", cages with wolves and foxes, pavilion with bears, "Monkey Paradise", a pavilion with a variety of species of birds, as well as a huge aquarium.

The most popular inhabitants of the zoo are considered to be the giant Panda, tigers and lions, flocks of flamingos, hippos, giraffes and numerous monkeys. To visit this amazing place, it is recommended to take the full. You will have the opportunity to not only enjoy socializing with the animals, but to see a fascinating performance, arranged in the Central part. When leaving the zoo, tourists usually expect shops with Souvenirs at reasonable prices. It is worth noting that photographing animals at the zoo absolutely free.