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Baoguo Temple

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In the valley of Lingshan mountain is one of the most valuable attractions in Ningbo, which is a ancient Baoguo temple. The construction of the building began in 1573 (Ming dynasty) and continued for another 47 years until 1620. The result was a unique piece amasoho architecture, surrounded by beautiful scenery. Baoguo feature is that the temple is built of wood without a single nail. How Chinese craftsmen were able to master such a difficult technology still remains a mystery to modern architects, and on this subject carried much controversy. The last reconstruction was completed in the temple in the early eighteenth century, after which the appearance of the building has not changed.

Baoguo temple impresses visitors, first of all, a huge statue of Buddha made from porcelain for more than six centuries ago. Inside the temple there are many rooms, each of which you can see the various stelae and figurines dedicated to a Buddhist theme. Special attention deserves hall Dadian, topped with a roof weighing 50 tonnes. The roof is supported without the use of nails. It is also quite popular among the visitors to the pavilion, containing the exhibition of ancient bells.

Near the temple equipped with manicured lawns, colorful fountains, flowering peonies and a shaded pond. For tourists, a special programme visit Baoguo, including the acquaintance with the peculiarities of wooden architecture, a walk through the Park area and the sale of wood products made in a single copy.