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The lost city of Nanjing (Ming Palace)

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Lost city in Nanjing is associated primarily with the ruins remaining from the great Palace of the Ming dynasty (Mingguan), which was built by Emperor Hongwu during the second half of the XIV century. The structure was so vast and was struck by its magnificence his contemporaries, that his likeness was erected part of the buildings in the forbidden city, the capital of China. Large-scale complex included several tombs, memorial hall, Buddhist temple, numerous pavilions, picturesque Park, the pagoda and the area of the Imperial family.

In the XIX China experienced a period of frequent feuds and wars, therefore, during the uprising against the Manchu troops timenow Palace and prelezhashie buildings were completely destroyed and looted. To restore the ancient landmark, and failed for different reasons, and of the former magnificence of the Palace complex today part of the Adobe pavilion, shestidesyatimetrovoy pagoda and several stone bridges spanning the pond and statue, made in the XV century to commemorate the accession of Emperor Wanli. We should also mention the well-preserved defensive wall Umani, which currently is set the flag of China. In the past, this wall served as a major defensive structure of the city, as evidenced by the remaining niche inside the building.

Tourists often visit the forbidden city because it is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the historical legacy of China, to see the ancient relics, original sculptures and stroll in a peaceful setting in a beautiful Park.