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The Museum of Henan province

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Museum, Henan province today considered one of the largest and oldest in China and is a unique treasure trove of artifacts, most of which are included in the list of the most important cultural objects. The main building was erected in 1927 and for several decades has repeatedly changed its location to those until the PRC government has not made a final decision that the Museum will be located in Zhengzhou.

The total area of the Museum complex is about 100,000 square meters, comprising numerous rooms, showing the different exposure periods. In the Central part of the Museum complex is the main exhibition devoted to the prehistoric relics such as bronze ware, made during the reign of the dynasties of Shang and Zhou dynasties, various articles of jade, silk, porcelain, antique furnishings and everyday life. A number of valuable artifacts is constantly increasing and today includes more than 130 thousand artifacts.

It is worth noting that prilejuita site is an interactive educational centers, where trained art, museology and archaeology. The Museum regularly hosts musical evenings with the participation of actors dressed in national clothes. On such evenings, you can hear the ancient music instruments preserved after many centuries.

For the convenience of visitors developed a special audio guides in Chinese and English, as well as detailed maps of the Museum. After the tour, visitors are invited to purchase original Souvenirs in the lobby of the Museum.