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People's Park

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People's Park, or Renmin Park, is located in the Central part of Zhengzhou and is the oldest Park in the city, opened its doors to visitors in 1952. During its long history the Park has not changed, but the leadership of the city undertook the effort to create new recreational areas and preservation of the old.

The total area of attractions is about 30 hectares, which is surrounded by beautiful gardens, numerous monuments, steles, monuments, Ferris wheel, song of flower beds, a small lake, pavilions and attractions. Particularly well-known among the locals Park and garden complex offering to get more information about 200 kinds of Chinese roses.

Optionally, you can take a fascinating boat ride on the artificial lake QINGNIAN guides dressed in national clothes. In the Eastern part of the Park is the original fountain in the form of a Lotus, and the temple, which is an example of classic architecture of China. After long tours tourists usually travel to a small café to try Chinese cuisine.

Daily in the evening hours in people hotel starts a mini-show, including the performance of circus artists and other famous groups of the city. Here every year takes place the festival of lights, the opening of which attracts tourists from all over China, reflecting the popularity of the Park. Today people continues to be the main leisure centre Zhengzhou and is included in the list of the most important cultural sites of the city.