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Pagoda of the Northern temple

Photos and description

In the Central part of Suzhou is famous among tourists and locals pagoda of the Northern temple (Beisi TA), which is considered the highest in town and represents an example of traditional Chinese architecture. The height of the building is 76 metres and the main frame consists of 9 floors, in accordance with the canons of Buddhism signifies the desire for harmony and perfection.

The history of the construction of Base That is rooted in the distant 1131-1162, when China appeared more and more buildings for religious purposes. In the 5-7 centuries on the site of the pagoda was a large temple complex, destroyed during civil strife. After this event, the Emperor allocated a large sum of money for the construction of Base The same.

External facades of the pagoda is made in red and yellow colours, and each of the corners of the octagonal roof topped with miniature figurines of dragons that embody the wisdom of the Chinese nation. On all floors there are entrances in the form of arches facing East. In the Upper part of the base of the tiers is reduced and creates a unique visual effect.

The overall appearance of Base That have survived until today almost intact, but the old building was repeatedly subjected to restoration.

Around the pagoda is a cozy garden with varied vegetation, a small pond and a statue of a smiling Buddha. Special attention deserves a tea pavilion where you can taste the most famous varieties of tea. Also among tourists is popular enough gazebo on a hill which offers stunning views of Suzhou.