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Park Luis de camões

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The historic Park and Luis de Camoes with caves on the type of Suzhou gardens are perfectly preserved to our time and is a popular attraction in Macau. The name of the Park, unusual for China, appeared after the Portuguese famous poet, who visited not once this town. In the grotto there is a sculptural monument to luís de camões.

First, this Park belonged to a wealthy Portuguese merchant, a great lover of birds, who posted the original Park buildings, like a bird's nest. Later, in the 13th century, the Park became a property of some British company, and belong to the city authorities of Macau it was only after 100 years.

Received state Park status has allowed to assign the name of the poet who lived here for a long time. Favourite poet's place was the caves. It is possible that there was written one of his poetic works "the Soul of Portugal". And at the beginning of the XIX century, after three centuries, the favorite poet of the grotto installed, are still there, bust.

Local people have long used the Park for chess battles, leisurely walks and other favorite activities, which include centuries-old trees, and benches around fountains, and amazing Chinese pavilions. Also here traditionally, people come to emancipate the special birds.

In the middle of the Park there is a sculpture entitled "Embrace", a symbolic name which reflects the unity of the Chinese and Portuguese cultures.

A large variety of exotic plants, amazing perspective on the city, remarkable sculptural compositions - all this makes the Park luís de camões unique. The tourists visiting this gorgeous place will certainly be charmed by its tranquillity.