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The Park of the martyrs

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Martyrs ' Park is one of the largest in Changsha and is considered an important landmark of the city. The total area of the Park is about 140 acres, on which there are several recreational areas, scenic landscapes, diverse monuments, water Park, folk culture village, etc.

The construction of the Park began in 1952 and lasted a year, after which there was an opening ceremony with the participation of the leadership of the city. Soon the Park became one of the favorite places among the locals, as the large grounds, you can not only spend time in communion with nature, but also to learn a lot of useful information about the historical past of Changsha.

It is worth noting that in 1959 was built a monument dedicated to the martyrs of the town who died heroically in battles. This sculpture has a symbolic value for the Chinese and embodies the power and strength of the national character of China. During the construction were used materials such as white granite and marble, and in the middle was attached to the plate on which the hand of Mao Zedong engraved the name of the Park.

In 1973 and 1983 through the efforts of qualified architects in two areas of the Park were installed bridges connecting different areas. Additionally, volunteers planted several hundred trees and other exotic plants. Currently, the Park is visited by thousands of tourists daily, which indicates its popularity. In 2009, the Park was listed as a specially protected cultural objects of China and recognized as part of the historical heritage of China.