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XI'an Museum of banpo bowuguan

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XI'an Museum of banpo bowuguan Museum built on the archaeological site. It is located in the East of Xian city in the village of banpo bowuguan.

Translated from the Chinese word "founded" means "half slope", and the village itself is a traditional settlement in the Neolithic period. The village, Founded refers to Chinese culture, ANSA, which existed from 5 to 3 thousand years BC, Such a culture was due to the fact that the first ancient findings that have been associated with this civilization were made in the place called ANSA, located in Henan province.

In various places of the yellow river valley, scientists have discovered about 400 seats that have been assigned to this culture. A place called banpo bowuguan - the largest of them. This village was discovered in 1953, at that time, was started construction of the power plant. Archaeological excavations lasted about 4 years. In 1958 the Museum of the finds Founded opened its doors to visitors. Since this place is visited by over 2 million people.

The settlement occupies a total land area of about 50 thousand square meters. The whole area is divided into 3 parts: the place, where the locals were engaged in the manufacture of tableware and other utensils made of clay, the area where they buried the residents of the village and residential area. On the site of ancient ruins was discovered 46 houses, 2 rooms for the cattle, and over 200 storage pits, 174 burial of adults and 73 children of the grave, and 6 furnaces, which burnt pottery and many implements and tools. Visitors have the opportunity to present and see the way of life of ancient people.

Inside the Museum, two exhibition halls and one hall, which is located at the site. The first section demonstrates the tools used by the villagers: sickles, knives from stone, hooks for catching fish. In the second room there are objects that show the development of technical progress in the lives of the inhabitants of the area, as well as art reflecting the social and cultural aspects of those times.