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Tiger Hill

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Tiger hill (Hill of the Raging sea) is located in the North-West of Suzhou and is a symbol of the city, which incorporates a long history. The hill is a thirty-six-meter height, the external form which resembles a tiger, preparing to pounce, and the area is about 14000 square kilometers.

Originally, the hill was used by the Imperial dynasty as a zone of rest and entertainment. In the future, according to ancient Chinese legend, in the depths of the hill were buried the Emperor Ho Lu, then his grave come the white tiger guarding the peace of the Emperor to this day. However, all attempts to find the tomb failed, so the hill shrouded in a haze of mysteriousness and mysticism until now.

On the territory of the hill were preserved the unique monuments of architecture: a sacred pagoda which dated back to, a beautiful Park, the Hall of Contemplation of Vertices and Cypress trees, the Hall of Praise Swallow, etc. every day to the hill thousands of tourists for a relaxing holiday and explore the amazing culture of China. Near the hill is the most beautiful lake of the Sword with the purest water. Local residents passed on from generation to generation the belief that on the bottom of the lake lie many treasures and weapons of the Emperor Ho Lu.

Special attention deserves the pagoda dated back as its facade decorated with unusual Chinese architecture style: on the walls of the building of a skilled craftsman portrayed red and white peonies, and the pagoda looks like the leaning tower of Pisa. Since 1644, which dated back gradually began to lean.

In General, the Tiger Hill is a great place for some quiet time amidst nature far away from modern hustle and bustle.