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The Chenghuang Pavilion (God - Keeper Of The City)

Photos and description

The temple God - Guardian of the City is a very popular place in Shanghai. The building was built in 1403, but so many times burned and destroyed. In 1926 was held the reconstruction of the temple, and he acquired a modern look. And since 2006 is a place for tourists and believers.

The area of the temple, covering an area of over 10 thousand square meters, adjacent to the Yuyuan garden. Both of these places are created for peace, harmony and tranquility. Here you can feel the unity of man with nature. Supporters of Taoism visit the temple for prayers and worship.

The Church building is a large fortress made of dark stone, which has a tiered roof, similar to a few pagodas. At the entrance to the temple you can see statues of the 8 Immortals, and the gate hanging red Chinese lanterns and wrought gold hieroglyphs. Inside the temple is also all done in red and gold color.

Inside the temple complex is the famous tea house. And the territory has long taken hold holiday fairs. These days there are many visitors. Also, very close is a shopping area with small shops and branded boutiques, and small cafes where you can eat.