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Small Wild Goose pagoda

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Small Wild Goose pagoda is located in the inner part of the temple Tsangpo, located one kilometer South of XI'an city. Big and Small Wild Goose pagoda was built in the Imperial era of the Tang dynasty, ruling from 618 to 907 at year, ie more than 1300 years ago.

The pagoda was a symbol of the city of Eternal peace, Chang'an. The very phrase "XI'an" means "Western peace", and Chan anemia called this city before the era of Ming dynasty, ruling from 1368 to 1644. Beijing at that time was the capital of China, and XI'an (Chang'an) was the capital of ten dynasties.

Tszyanhu temple was built in the year 684, he was dedicated to Emperor Li Zhi, the second Emperor of the Tang dynasty. The hundredth day of the opening of the temple, it was renamed and it became known as Xian Fu, which means "Devotional blessing." And then the temple was renamed for the third time, at the behest of Empress Wu Zetian, and he became a temple Tsangpo.

The Empress was a mistress of the Emperor Li Zhi, then became his mistress after the death of the Emperor acquired great authority and power. The reign of Empress Wu Zetian was very cruel, but it was interrupted by the reign of the Tang dynasty, the former have power for about 15 years.

The famous pilgrim Yijing, a great teacher of Buddhism at the time, lived for some time in the temple and translated the ancient Buddhist Scriptures brought from India.

Small Wild Goose pagoda was built in 707-709. It was so called because of its proximity to Big Wild Goose pagoda. Initially, the pagoda looked like a building with a tiered roof, with 15 floors and a height of about 45 meters. But after a strong earthquake that occurred in 1556, the building collapsed two floors, as well as a crack from the top of the pagoda to the bottom.

After the earthquake, the pagoda was repaired, the crack covered, but to restore the two destroyed floors did not. Since then, 13-storey pagoda has repeatedly suffered from natural disasters, but nevertheless looks very dignified pagoda. Inside the building is a sweeping staircase that allows you to climb to the top of the pagoda.