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Wine Museum in Qingdao is in a fairly modern building built in 2009 in accordance with the leading principles of European architecture. The attraction is located in the district Weiqu and was created at the initiative of the city, which has invested heavily in the development of the project. The main concept of the Museum is based on the familiarity of visitors with culture, history and traditions of wine-making in China goes back several centuries.

In addition to its main functions, the Museum focuses on the exhibition, educational, and scientific spheres. The versatility of the Museum allows you to arrange off-site activities, organize theme tours and offer visitors a variety of additional services.

In the style of the building, the designers managed to combine modern trends in English, French, Italian and Spanish architectures. It is worth noting that the main part of the Museum is underground and is divided into 5 parts, among which the most popular exhibition devoted to the history and development of winemaking on a global scale. In other rooms demonstrated such exhibits as an ancient container for wine, dishes. Designed for wine beverages, original paintings, etc. At the request of the visitors guided tours involving multimedia equipment, and on the exit of the Museum are offered to taste rare wines and other alcoholic beverages.

The area around the Museum is decorated in the original style, and at the next street you can see a variety of sculptures related to the history of winemaking.