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Park, Golden temple

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In the vicinity of Kunming, on the hill of Minfen there are beautiful Park, the center of which is the Golden Temple (the Temple of Supreme Harmony). The construction of the main building began in the early XVII century by decree of Emperor WAN Li, is actively preaching in that period the ideas of Taoism. According to ancient legend, the Emperor came in a dream immortal Lou Dongbin, commanded to come to the foot of the hill. WAN If the next morning went to the place indicated and saw an old shepherd that disappeared in a few minutes in a haze, leaving behind a pair of pots out of clay. The Emperor connected the pots, with the result that he got the image of the character, symbolizing the name of Lou Dongbin. Wang Lee decided that it was a sign of heaven, and in honor of this event, began the erection of the Shrine of bronze.

Today, the temple is considered the most interesting building of the Golden Park where you can see attractions such as the sculpture of a huge turtle with a dragon's head, the ancient tower and the largest bronze bell cast in 1432.

The Park is ideal for a relaxing pastime. This is evidenced by extensive green spaces, century-old cypresses and pine trees, the presence of zones of rest and nutrition. A special pride of the Park is the Camellia, which has over 600 years. This valuable attraction and is particularly protected for by a special fence. In General, the Golden Park is a great place for a contemplative stroll, exploring the traditional history of China and enjoy the picturesque nature.