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Rock "Elephant trunk"

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Rock "Elephant trunk" is a unique natural rock formation that is located in Guilin city and is its symbol. This kind of name rock received due to the striking similarity with the elephant, which stands in the water, lowering the trunk. To see a hundred-meter attraction in full length with only the Park of Sanbian located on the West coast of the Lijiang river. Residents of Guilin firmly believe in the legend that tells about the history of the origin of the rock. In the legend we are talking about the elephant, which was purchased by the Emperor to serve in the army. However, the animal soon fell ill, and the Emperor forgot about it. As soon as poor peasants found and came out of the elephant, the Emperor decided to return the pet to his army. But the elephant broke the order and in retaliation was turned into stone.

In the structure of the rocks traditionally there are several caves, each of which has its own history. The cave "Water the moon" is famous among tourists because during the full moon from this location offers stunning views of the river, bathed in moonlight. Many famous writers were so inspired by this spectacle, dedicated to the cave of their creations. On one of the stones in the early 12th century were made praising the inscription in the hand of the great poet Lu Yu Next cave called Elephant's eye passes through the rock and is 2 meters in height, and in width extends for 10 meters. Tourists enjoy visiting this place to admire the magnificence of the surrounding scenery.

On top of a cliff towering pagoda Pusan, built in the period from the XIII to the XVI century. The building is well preserved and is open daily to the public.