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Sichuan tower

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Sichuan tower, known far outside of Chengdu as the Western Gem located in jianshe road business area and is one of the highest buildings in China, occupying an honourable 18th place. The main function of the tower - ensuring a high-quality video of city residents, however, structure plays a significant role in the history and culture of Chengdu.

The decision on the construction sights was made as far back as 1983, and then in the project has come a long break due to the lack of Finance. Only in 1998 started the main construction works, which lasted until 2004. The official date of opening is considered to be 2006, when the residents stood a Grand building height of 339 meters.

The main frame of the tower is made of durable concrete structures, connected at the dome shared a round base. The building is 17 floors, 7 modern elevators, equipped with an innovative security system.

Most of the interior space is occupied premises with television equipment and multiple offices. Also in large areas there is a restaurant on a rotating platform, entertainment complexes, shops and a multiplex cinema. Want to see the city from a bird's eye view climb to the top floor and take a walk around the observation deck.

Sichuan tower is quite popular among locals and tourists as it is an integral part of Chengdu and enables visitors to get acquainted with the example of modern urban architecture.