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The Temple Of The Moon

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Temple of moon is located in Beijing, in a small district Fuchengmen, located near the Forbidden city and the Altar of the Sun. To the present day survived only a few buildings testifying to the importance of the temple for the Chinese that lived in this territory during the reign of the Ming dynasty. The main building was erected in 1530, and later by decree of the Emperor was built the other elements of the complex. The temple of the moon and the altar, located in the Central part, played a huge role in the religious life of the Chinese. The main room of the temple was used for ritual sacrifices to the deities, symbolizing the moon and the stars. In accordance with Buddhist tradition, after the sacrifice of the moon the gods grant wealth and health for the whole year.

The Foundation of the temple was made of white stone in the shape of a circle, which are four stairs. Each stairwell ends in a kind of wooden gates with decorative thread in traditional Chinese style. On the East side of the gates adorned with six monumental columns, an entrance into the temple.

In the mid-twentieth century, the city leadership decided to build in the temple Park area. For Beijing, this place has become one of the favorite in the great metropolis. Every year in the Park gathers hundreds of people to celebrate the mid-autumn Festival, as it was at this time customary to pray to the moon gods. The majority of the Park space is a composition with the lunar hare, which is considered in China one of the sacred animals. A walk in the Park will not only enjoy the attractive natural areas, but also to get acquainted with the historical heritage of China.