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The iron bridge over the Nandu

Photos and description

The iron bridge connecting once the two opposite banks of the river Rhea, was built in 1942 by the government of Haikou and was one of the most important thoroughfares of the city. For the fastest construction was attracted by Japanese experts, and the operation of the bridge was calculated as low for the next 25 years. The capacity of the object was large enough, since for most people it was the only way to cross the river. However, in 1984, after numerous tests and experimental testing, the bridge recognized a potentially dangerous and shut down due to the fact that the piles formed holes and the main structure began to sway in a strong wind. Subsequently, there were other lines, and the functional significance of the bridge had come to nothing.

Currently, the bridge is a landmark of Haikou, which embodies the combination of traditional architectural elements and modern for the mid-nineteenth century trends in construction. The concrete base on which a fortified arched openings of durable metal, testify to the massiveness of the structure. In 2006 during the flood part of the bridge was washed away, and the other half remained standing in the water. Today the bridge is quite popular among the local youngsters and honeymooners who come here to do an unusual photo shoot. The city management has no plans in the future restoration of sites, as it is quite expensive project, requiring a large investment.