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Bell tower of XI'an

Photos and description

XI'an bell tower - a building built in traditional Chinese style, is located in the center of XI'an, the ancient capital. It is from this tower depart all the important streets of the city to the East, North, West and South, which connect the bell tower with gate of the city walls.

The bell tower is the most well preserved and largest wooden tower in China. Its height is 36 meters, and the base - width of about 35 meters and a height of about 8.5 meters. Such large size of the tower due to the fact that during the reign of the Ming dynasty, the XI'an, had a very important military value.

The tower was constructed in 1384 by Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang, in order for the protection of the city had the opportunity to observe the area and were able to prevent the appearance of the enemy or assault the enemy army.

Inside the tower 2 floor, iron spiral staircase and so many beautiful color paintings. Outside the tower is made of gray bricks, the roof is gilded, and the cornices, protecting from the weather, have a dark green tint.

On the second floor on the West wall of the tower-bell tower is a plaque which tells about the fact that in 1582 the tower was moved here from another place. Original place it was built it was near to the Central street of the city, in 1384. During the reign of the 5 dynasties, the tower was the center of the city, but over the years the city expanded and moved the geographical center of XI'an. For this reason, in 1582, the tower was shifted a kilometer towards the East of the city. According to the documents of the era, the transportation of the tower was easy and quick and did not require financial costs, and that was fame the bell tower in the architectural reference books.

In the old days in the Western corner of the building was a bell cast during the Tang dynasty Jingyun, but, according to urban legend, during the reign of the Ming dynasty bell somehow stopped. Then was cast in a modern bell, smaller and weighing 500 kg. the Original bell, called the "Jingyun", is in the Museum of Forest of Stone Sculptures.