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Pan gate (Panmen) are considered an integral part of the historical past of China and are a unique architectural monument, located in Suzhou. Initially, the city had erected the gate 8 land and 8 of water. However, time has done its job and for thousands of years, the complex was completely destroyed due to prolonged wars. Till our days remained only Twisted gates that adorn the oldest part of the city wall.

The construction of the gate dates back to the year 514 BC in the Warring States period, when the residents of Suzhou had a powerful erection of the County buildings, able to defend the borders of the city. After a long strife Panmen were completely destroyed and only in the XIV century it was rebuilt by Emperor Cijena.

About the architectural and historical significance of the gates of the pan shows the amount of investment ($2.2 million) that was allocated by local authorities for the reconstruction of not only gates, but also priletevshiy site. For three years the appearance of Twisted gate was fully restored and the area cleared all ponds, planted with young trees and a new lawn. In order to get to the gate, it is sufficient to find a step Mancao bridge connecting the opposite Bank of the Grand canal. Inside the gate you can see the unique Guiguinto pagoda (pagoda of the Good light), Dating back over a thousand years. In ancient times inside the pagoda were kept rare Buddhist relic stupa, made of pearls. Today, this artifact is in the Museum of Suzhou.