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The Diaoyu Fortress

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National Park "Mount Stenungson in Chongqing" is famous for many attractions including the Diaoyu fortress located on the mountain of the same name and representing a unique monument of architecture with an area of about 3 square kilometers. The fortress was built with a defensive purpose under the guidance of the famous architect Yu Jiang in the period from the XII to the XIII century. The name of the Diaoyu or Diaoyucheng translates from Chinese as "Fisherman's fortress" and the commencement of construction is connected with an ancient legend that tells about what the locals survived on the mountain after a terrible flood, and from the heavens descended deity, malawisee for them fish. After this unusual event, it was decided on the construction of a fortress on the place of salvation.

Historical evidence suggests that around Diaoyu in the XIII century there was a famous battle against the Mongol invaders and then the Chinese army during the thirty years he protected the borders of the city and did not allow the Mongols to get inside. However, in 1279 Kublai Khan has received full power over China, founded a new Empire, the yuan and invited the garrison to recognize his authority. As a compromise, the Khan has promised advocates Diaoyu complete security and the preservation of life.

Currently, the fortress is considered an important part of the cultural and historical heritage of China, as its territory is well preserved fortifications, temples were built, landscaped garden area and also features numerous statues symbolizing the bravery of the Chinese people.