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The Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum

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The Ming Xiaoling mausoleum is one of the main in Nanjing memorial complex, which includes not only the tomb in which are buried the representatives of the Ming and Qing dynasties, but also a unique combination of ancient architecture with traditional Chinese architecture. Literally, the name of the mausoleum is translated as "Minsk tomb of honoring parents." Indeed, most of the graves belongs to the dynasty of Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang, who began his reign in the XIV century. The Emperor was close to the idea of eternal life and immortal existence after death. Therefore, throughout his reign, he periodically erected a mausoleum for family and close environment.

The construction of the Ming Xiaoling Zhu Yuanzhang began in 1381 by selecting the place on the mount Zijinshan in accordance with all the rules of Feng Shui. As a building the forces of the Emperor used the prisoners, who in 1413 was completed the construction of the mausoleum. After the death of Zhu Yuanzhang was buried in Sealine, and its successor, in its place, the Yongle Emperor complements the architectural ensemble of the original stele, made of a single stone. The sculpture was dedicated to the father of the Emperor and still is the highest in Nanjing.

Today the mausoleum is located on the cleavage of the mount Zijinshan in the vicinity of the historical area of Nanjing. Upon a wide area of 116 hectares, there are numerous buildings in the complex and diverse statues. Tourists are more attracted to the monumental arch and the Golden gate, as well as the original statue turtles-BisI, on the back of which was placed a stele depicting intertwining dragons. At each tomb you can see the words that tell about who is buried in this place.