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Bridge Audicao

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Bridge Audicao is close to Palace of the emperors of the Qing dynasty, on the outskirts of Beijing. This is an amazing arched stone bridge, impressing tourists with their appearance, shape and elegance.

This bridge is the best known of the six bridges which are on the West Bank of Kunming, lake in Beijing. Difference in special, very high and delicate arch, which is skillfully executed in marble and stone. Bridges of this form are called "moon bridges" because of the similarity of the most arch forms a Crescent. Such bridges are widely distributed in Japan and China due to its reliability and practicality - the unusual curvature of the bridge allows the passage under them of a major high courts. All moon bridges equipped with wide comfortable stairs, with steps and railings, so the transition on the bridge is not difficult.

Bridge Audicao has a second name of "jade belt Bridge". During its construction were used different natural stones in light shades, as well as marble blocks, which strengthened the resemblance to jade. The bridge railings are decorated with engravings depicting animals of China, as well as swans.

Built in 1751-1764, Audicao. His great height is related to the fact that under him had to swim the Imperial boat made in the shape of a dragon, tail and head. Boat-dragon is a very high and a large boat-canoe, with about 20 seats.

The Imperial boat is different from what she was as comfortable as possible for the monarch and his wife, and the rowers were the only skillful and elite, have undergone a peculiar selection. Canoeing the Emperor was used in cases when the family of the Emperor travelling on the river, which was connected lake Kunminghu.