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The Museum of Liaoning province

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The Museum of Liaoning province is located in Heping district of Shenyang and is the largest Museum complex in Liaoning province. Initially, the building landmarks was used as the residence of the famous military commander tan Yulin, then in 1935 the city authorities decided to establish a national Museum, which was subsequently renamed as the national Central Museum.

For a long time, the Museum was among the three biggest in China, and to the public it was opened in 1949. Already at that period the most valuable collection of the Museum consisted of about 60 thousand exhibits, divided thematically. In the main halls of the Museum's expositions demonstrating samples of ancient crafts, drawings on stone tablets, paintings, intricately carved of fine wood, maps, pottery, jewelry, lacquer, furnishings, coins, and unique bronze sculptures. Some of the exhibits belong to the Paleolithic period and included in the list of protected heritage sites of China. The Museum periodically holds exhibitions dedicated to the culture of national minorities of Liaoning province.

The Museum is equipped with modern equipment that allows to use the discover functionality, and a holographic image of each of the exhibits. After visiting the main exhibition visitors are invited to purchase Souvenirs in the small shops located on the ground floor.