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Temple Museum of the Chen family

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Temple Museum of the Chen family is a building of the XIX century, now converted into Museum which showcases folk art and crafts, Guangdong. Is a monument of culture of China on a national scale.

The building in the nineteenth century (1894, which was the twelfth year of the reign of the dynasty Gansu) was constructed on means of the genus Chen, one of the oldest on the territory of the Chinese province of Guangdong. It is known that members of this family lived in the province in 72 different places. The building brings together nineteen of the premises connected by using six yards.

One can often hear that the building is not called the Museum, and the Academy of the Chen family, because it was the crossroads of education and training to service the many members of this famous family.

In the Museum of folk art, the building was converted in the mid-twentieth century. The architecture of the family of the temple refers to traditional Chinese buildings of Lingnan style, which was characterized by a special finish: brick wall hides a complex of buildings made in this style.

This implies the style and appearance of the building the abundance of fine stone carving and wood bas-reliefs and statues from clay. In addition, the design of the temple Museum, you can discover a great variety of items on display which should be paid time. Of course, the external decoration - a real highlight of this Church-Museum. That is why the temple Museum of the Chen family has been protected since 1988 as a monument of culture of national significance. Inside the Church Museum you can see not only exposure, demonstrating the craft and art of the province, but also signs with the names of ancestors of all kinds Chen, ceramics and bonsai.