/ / Ateso, under the open sky "Impression of Liu Sanitize"

Ateso, under the open sky "Impression of Liu Sanitize"

Photos and description

70 kilometers from Guilin is a small village of Yangshuo, where every day remains a significant number of tourists wishing to see this amazing show, created on the initiative of the Director Zhang Yimou. The program "Liu Sanitize" is considered one of the grandest in China performances, which involved more than 600 actors, and the performances were specially installed innovative lighting equipment to create original effects.

The first show was held in 2004, after which it was decided to show it twice a day because of the popularity among tourists.

Playground for the show is water surface of the river Lijiang, which is an improvised scene with a variety of decorations, replacing each other, depending on the subjects performance. Facilities for visitors is a convenient rows of seats, surrounded by thickets of bamboo.

The main theme of "Liu Sanitize" connected with the culture and history of national minorities of China. The program consists of 5 parts, dedicated to different periods of life of their ancestors. For example, "folk song", "Sad", "Love songs", "Fishing lights" and "ceremony". Each part is one complete show, in which important role plays the color symbolism. The red color symbolizes the diligence of the Chinese people, green embodies the development and prosperity of China and gold - wisdom and peace. In all scenes involving the best acting ensembles Guilin, dressed in traditional clothing and performing music on ancient instruments.

After completion of the program, visitors can not only learn more about the technical equipment of the show, but also buy Souvenirs, sold in small shops.