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China aviation Museum is the largest in Asia and the only one in China. It is located in the Changping district, near the mountain, Dathan.

The Museum was opened in November 1989. Its opening was timed to the day of the fortieth anniversary of the founding of the air force of the Republic of China. The complex is partially located in caves Damansara, which was part of the bunker system of Shahe airbase. The length of all tunnels is half a kilometer, width - 40 meters height - 10 meters.

Number of exhibits - about 300 aircraft, 200 helicopters and 13,000 samples of various types of weapons, including cultural and historical monuments. The main part of the exposed samples refers to the period of the founding of the PRC, as well as the periods of the Korean and Cold wars.

The oldest exhibit is a plane hawk-3, which is supplied to China by the Americans in 1932. The first Soviet aircraft - I-16, are installed on the Chinese guns. The Museum also features a Japanese aircraft left over from the Sino-Japanese war. This, for example, a fighter Tachikawa-98 and bomber Kawasaki-99. All of them were renovated and rebuilt in peacetime after the war.

The Museum also features the first plane manufactured in China - transport model Gunung-1, is made of wood. In addition, among the exhibits there are models of planes flown during world war II: Dakota C-47, Mustang P-51 and DP40-E, Commando C-46, as well as a bomber mosquito.

In 1950-51, it was the year China adopted from the Soviet Union a lot of different aircraft. All these models are now represented in the Museum. This, for example, the MiG-9, La-11, Il-10, La-9, Yak 11 and 17, the MIG-15, and 4 Tu-2 bomber. Near them is a competitor of the MIG-15 - Korean sabre F-86. This aircraft was donated by the Chinese, the Pakistani air force.

The Museum also has aircraft that was entirely designed by Chinese J-8 and 12. Preserved copy of the Chinese helicopter - Z5, which was founded on the American model Bell-47, and several models of the Mi-8 and Mi-24. The Museum is the Department of defense, engines, missiles, weapons and other things.