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Ludi - the oldest city of China great beauty, located in the Eastern part of Suzhou, 20 kilometers from the city center. The city was built over 2000 years ago, and over the centuries virtually unchanged. Lots of winding streets, paved with stone, souvenir shops with original products from jade, small Seating areas, and a variety of shops - all this can be seen strolling through Luci.

A special pride of local residents is the huge number of canals and arched bridges that make up the old part of the city. The most famous of such bridges as Zhengyang bridge and Dongmei bridge. Among the Chinese Ludi known as a city that is set on the water. The majority of the buildings have survived intact, allowing visitors to feel the special spirit of antiquity, which in modern China will see not everywhere.

Once in the old part of the city you can take a boat ride to see the kites, to look at the main attractions and to experience the atmosphere of ancient China. Optionally, you can try your hand in making original Souvenirs. For this purpose, Lugi there are special shops for tourists where you learn the basics of Chinese calligraphy and painting porcelain.

Special pleasure you will take a visit to the beautiful Park Sangan, which presents not only examples of traditional Chinese sculpture, but there are plenty of green areas for recreation. Near the Park is the historic temple of Bichena, which dates back about 1,500 years.