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The Museum of the Navy

Photos and description

In 1989 on the coast of the Yellow sea, Qingdao city has created a unique Museum under the open sky, dedicated to the history, development and establishment of the Navy of China. On an area of over 4 acres there are several major thematic blocks, which represent a variety of exposure cognitive nature. In the inner halls of the Museum contain artefacts such as valuable photos, rare documents, the form employees of the Navy at different periods, military equipment, award medals, books and models of ships. All the exhibits were carefully collected by the Museum over many years and reflect national specificities of the naval forces of China.

We should also mention the exhibition of marine equipment on the open space in one of the scenic harbors of the Yellow sea. Here you can see almost all military machines: submarines, frigates, destroyers, corvettes, gun boat, radar, artillery, cruisers, ships, additional assignments, manned submersibles, etc., Each of the pieces of equipment is a unique symbol of power and historical significance of the Navy of China. Upon request, visitors are invited to try out some of the exhibits in action.

Also the Museum demonstrates a variety of gifts presented to the heads of the Navy of China by the authorities of other countries. So, in one of the rooms there are valuable swords, given to the first commander of the Navy of the people's Republic of China Chaisin the Quan in 1989. In addition to these valuable things, in the hall there are more than 300 other gifts.