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The Museum of the city walls of Hangzhou

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Hangzhou for many years was a city-fortress, as evidenced by the main wall, the main function of which was to protect the city from foreign invaders and also served as a dam during periods of severe flooding. For all time of its existence, the wall not once was reconstructed, completed or enhanced with new architectural elements, each of the rulers of Hangzhou, and now is a unique monument of the historical past of China, reflecting the deep culture of China.

The first wall was built during the reign of the sui dynasty, representatives of which are carefully cared about the safety in Hangzhou. The main part of the wall ran along the Eastern shore of West lake, so you can use water as a defensive object. In some places the walls were made of a special niche, designed for storage of weapons and the installation of cannon equipment. Walls was actively exploited for centuries, and then became one of the most important sights of Hangzhou and the Museum under the open sky.

The main entrance is made in the form of arches, above which stands a small pagoda, built in traditional Chinese style. Each wall made of solid brick gray color, which was connected with a sticky solution for greater strength. To this day, preserved some of the hieroglyphs engraved on the bricks many years ago. Visitors are invited to climb the wall, find out more about the history of the Museum and stroll in the picturesque surroundings.