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Cave Flute

Photos and description

Cave Reed Flute is considered the most unique place not only in China but throughout the world, it is amazing beauty and fantastic natural landscapes, created over 200 million years. The attraction is located in a green area of Xishan and extends the length of 250 m and its depth is about 200 meters.

According to popular legend, the cave was discovered by a farmer who collected reeds in its vicinity. After this event rock formation be equipped for fun and began to attract an increasing number of visitors, the first of which examined the cave a few centuries ago and was amazed by its splendor.

The interior space includes a lake with crystal clear water and numerous compositions formed by natural stalactites and stalagmites. In the cave, they installed a special lighting that allows you to create a magical underground world, shining colored lights. Many famous writers of the middle Kingdom was dedicated to the cave of the poem, calling some of her parts in his works, the "Fruit mountain" and "Crystal Palace of the dragon king".

On the walls you can see numerous inscriptions in the ancient Chinese language, which tells about the experiences of travelers, and poetic lines, the first of which appeared here during the reign of the Tang dynasty.

It is worth noting that the tour of the cave involves watching a movie in 3D, which shows on a makeshift screen made out of stone.