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Thatched hut of Du Fu

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Thatched hut of Du Fu is an original Museum complex, located in the Western part of Chengdu and is dedicated to the memory of the great Chinese poet who lived during the reign of the Tang dynasty. Historical evidence suggests that in the year 759 Du Fu moved to Chengdu and began to lead quite a solitary life. For the construction of his hut, he chose the coast of the river Huanghuali with picturesque landscapes, which became for the poet a source of inspiration. In one of his poems, Du Fu mentions his reclusive home, however 4 years later the poet left Chengdu, leaving the cabin.

In the future, in this house no one lived, and the Chinese government for a long time took the decision about the reconstruction of the sights. As a result, in 1961, the architects began to restore the hut and finished all the work by 1985.

Currently, the total area is about 10 hectares, on which stands the house-Museum, numerous pavilions, a large memorial hall, hut the poet, the Hall of Great poets, and a monument depicting Du Fu. The visitors have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the biography and work of Du Fu, see his home life, vintage edition of poems, wood samples art of the song dynasty period and the exhibition dedicated to the famous Chinese poets of different eras.

After exploring the main part of the complex visitors are invited to explore the beautiful surrounding area, to try national dishes in a small cafe, and buy Souvenirs of various subjects.