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Church. Dominica

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Church. Dominica is one of the most beautiful churches in Macau. It is located in the historical centre of the city on Senate square.

The Church of St. Dominic built in the 17th century Spanish Dominican monks. At that time the main material for its construction was wood, and the façade was richly decorated with carvings and ornaments. The architecture of the Church is notable for the fact that it goes well a mixture of two styles, Spanish and Portuguese.

In 1828 the Church of San Domenico was rebuilt of stone, with a pavement in front. Inside the Church there are three naves. The entrance is decorated with stone arch and the walls of the Church are divided into three levels, with each level decorated with columns of different style of performance. The ceiling of the temple was hand-painted full of decorative patterns. Above the altar is the image of a crown, and on the upper part of the altar is the icon of our lady of Fatima. Near it are statues of St. Catherine and St. Dominic. The interior of the Church is richly decorated with carvings, mirrors, paintings and polychrome sculptures.

In the sacristy is stored more than three hundred precious objects: a collection of silver, gold and copper-ware, wooden icons, statues of Jesus Christ and the apparel of the clergy and paintings on biblical subjects. The most famous of the paintings - "St. Augustine". In the bell tower there are two bronze bells, the oldest in Macau.

Recent years, St. Dominic's has become a favorite venue for music festivals in Macau. And in 2005, UNESCO included it in world heritage list.