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Shanghai Oriental art center

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Shanghai Oriental art center is currently considered to be China's largest facility in the field of culture, designed for mass events, concerts, conferences, exhibitions, excursions, etc. the Building officially opened its doors to visitors in 2004, after completion of all stages of Grand construction. Large-scale project was created through the efforts of the eminent French architect Andre Fields, who is considered the master in creating the structures of this kind.

The aim of the project was to merge in one vast expanse of innovative technologies in combination with functional space and aesthetic component. To do this, Paul Andreu has developed a special concept of the center, outwardly representing five spherical structures joined in the center by a common base. As a material for facades was used in the laminated glass that creates an amazing reflective effect. Each room is individually decorated and the floor is made of monumental granite of dark color. In the evening hours the center shimmers with many lights thanks to sophisticated system of illumination.

Inside the center is divided into the following areas: concert hall, theater hall, Opera hall and the exhibition hall. Depending on the season in these halls year-round performances of well-known creative teams. For example, in 2005, the center gave a concert of the Berlin Philharmonic orchestra, considered one of the best in the world. The majority of foreigners coming to Shanghai, I think this building is an example of modern art.