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Great mosque of Dongguan

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The Dongguan mosque, located in Xining, and is currently considered the largest mosque unites Muslims from all corners of China. The history of Dongguan is over seven centuries since the first stone in the basis was laid in 1379. Emperors of the Ming dynasty supported the initiative of the local representatives of the Muslim community, and then began the implementation of this ambitious project.

Until 1949, the mosque was not subjected to reconstruction, but its territory was carried out some restoration work. In the mid-twentieth century, Dongguan was rebuilt several times, retaining the overall concept and architectural style combines elements of Chinese and Islamic cultures. The entrance is crowned with a high arch, engraved with the name of the mosque. The building itself is made in white and blue colours, typical of buildings of this kind.

Today, the area job is over 11 000 square meters, which makes Dongguan is considered the largest mosque in China. The Central part of the mosque is a prayer hall that can accommodate over 3,000 worshipers. During Muslim holidays in Xining receives over 55,000 pilgrims, including foreign delegations.

Dongguan is a complex of buildings, including an education center, an Institute produces specialists in area of the Muslim religion, as well as the library. This property is strictly under the protection of the Islamic community and supported by funding from the state budget of the PRC.