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Waterfall Gudun

Photos and description

Waterfall Gudun considered to be the pride is located in Guilin and 25 kilometers from the city in a picturesque Park area, 90 % of which is covered with virgin forests with lush vegetation. Gudun is an amazing natural formation, created in natural conditions and consisting of 13 high cascades. The width of the waterfall is 20 meters and the height is 90 meters.

As forest Park Guilin is located in the immediate vicinity of the city, most tourists come to admire the waterfall all year round. Visitors are encouraged to conquer Gudun, having passed through all its stages. To ensure safety for every tourist wears a special protective clothing and secured the rope to secure the position of the body. In parts of the waterfall can make original photos surrounded by Mature trees.

After the tour on Gudun visitors usually go to see the local sights among which the most there are two the bridge of unusual design. One of them connects two opposite shores of an artificial pond and sverge covered wooden deck that allows walking in rainy weather.

The other bridge is at the height of 20 meters and is a suspended structure with a length of 200 meters. Optionally, you cross the bridge accompanied by an instructor.

Also near the waterfall is a small centre for the study of the local flora and fauna. The center periodically offers tours to spread knowledge about environmental protection.