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Complex Ponzi or "Shrine of the five statesmen" is in Haikou in the Central part of the district Zunshang and is an integral part of the great Chinese cultural heritage. The idea to erect the main temple was realized in 1889 through the efforts of the local authorities. The structure was erected in honor of the five important for Hainan personalities (Whether Deyi, Li Guang, Hu Chuan and Zhao Ding, Li gang), exiled for political reasons on the island. These people typically served at the Imperial court in the position of Ministers and government officials.

The total area of the temple complex is around 2800 square meters and consists of several buildings linked by a single architectural concept. Among the main buildings there are such as the learning Pavilion horticulture Pavilion Guan Jia, temple Agency, pavilion, Dunjo, Oriental Cabinet, a pond of clear thoughts, pavilion Prosavage spring and the grotto of the Wandering celestial. Each of the condos is a unique monument of architecture or landscape design.

The building of the main temple with a height of 12 meters was created in accordance with the traditions of Lingnan style, known in China since ancient times. This style is characterized by spacious loggias and the interior space flows into open areas. Visit Agency will bring true pleasure to fans of the history and culture of China, as you will have a unique opportunity not only to see the sights and feel the peaceful atmosphere surrounding areas.