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The fortress of Fortaleza do Monte and Museum of Macau

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The fortress of Fortaleza-du-Mont was the main Outpost, which protected the city from the intrusion attempts of the Dutch in 1622. Well as the fortress, which was built by the Jesuits, defended the St. Paul's Cathedral, nearby, from pirate raids. Subsequently, the Church was later demolished, and now the former fortress walls offers a panoramic view on the ruins.

The fortress was built on the top of the hill, which is why in all directions from here offers an excellent overview of the surrounding area. The castle itself was built in the shape of a trapezoid with the wrong angles. Around the perimeter of the hill in the old days was located the gun, and inside the fortress there were weapons Arsenal, barracks for soldiers and a stock of ammunition in case of a sudden attack. During the siege, the fortress could withstand the onslaught, taking advantage of hidden supplies and weapons, over two years.

The walls of the fortress at the base thickness of four meters and a height of about nine. At the top there is a defensive parapets and cannons, and on the South-East and South corner are guard towers.

The Museum of Macau was opened in April 1998 and today it is under UNESCO protection. On the first floor are exhibits devoted to religion, culture and history of Macau and the Portuguese influence on the region as a whole. The second floor is devoted to traditional crafts, art and traditions of China. And on the third floor are exhibits of modern art.