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Niujie Mosque

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Niujie mosque is today considered the most ancient mosque in Beijing, built in 996, during the reign of the Liao dynasty. Major reconstruction of the building was carried out in 1443, then in 1696 the territory of the mosque expanded, and in 1996 brought minor changes to the overall concept of Niujie. Despite serious preobrazovaniya, builders were able to preserve the original appearance of the mosque, combining the original Arabic ornaments, murals and calligraphy with the General principles of Islamic architecture.

The total area of the mosque is 10 thousand square kilometers. Part of the territory (600 square meters) is a main hall for prayer, where every day comes a about 800 faithful Muslims. For women a special place for prayers. Niujie is situated in the South-Western part of the old district Xuanwu, which is traditionally considered the center of Beijing's largest Muslim community. The outer facade of the buildings are constructed of wood and embellished with decorative elements of red, blue and grey colors.

Interesting is the fact that in the vicinity of the mosque is a six-pointed the current Observatory, which regularly hosts exciting tours. For tourists Niujie is of interest from the point of view of preserving the traditions of Islamic architecture in the Chinese capital. During weekdays the mosque is closed to the public, but in the weekends you can go inside and see the amazing Arab interior. It is necessary to strictly observe the rules established by the head of Niujie.